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Well it was about as scary as hell got for Percy and Annabeth. It was like going through a river of fear. Sunday morning, I called my mum at 4am in tears and got her to come and pick me up. For ten minutes I was just apologising over and over for cutting. I got all the hugs in the world. Things have been a little better since then.

I didn't realise I was so worried about losing the flat because I couldn't take care of myself. Now I know that won't happen I feel like there is one huge weigh off my shoulders and I am able to focus a little clearer.

They are finally beginning to understand why I do things in small doses. Mum said she knew something was wrong. I think she feels relieved now too. She's listening rather than criticising and it isn't pushing me past my limits which is a major relief.

Dad lmao, who generally hates gays came out and said he'd love me to find a guy or a girl so I would have someone to make me happy. I They don't know I am bi, but heck this is a massive step forward for him!

My ipad mini arrives tomorrow. My other ipad contract runs out in March, so it will be cancelled and leave mum with a free ipad so I pleased. And I will have something I can carry around. Maybe I can put little quotes and stuff on it to remind me things are okay?


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